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Entertainment Hollywood Legends - Great Movie Stars of All Time

Since the dawn of film making, Hollywood has been producing legends. These legends, whether they are actors, actresses, or directors are responsible for taking the community at large and transporting them for two hours into a world that is unlike any they have known. Entertainment is a necessary commodity in today's world as it is becoming more and more necessary to step out of our own stress-filled lives for a while and envelope ourselves in the usually brighter, more dazzling world of entertainment Hollywood legends.

Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane Baker, Marilyn Monroe is probably the most recognizable female Hollywood icon on the planet. She spent a lot of time in orphanages and foster homes until 1937 when she was 11 years old. Originally typecast as a dumb blond, her innate sensuality coupled with a childlike innocence has rendered her one of the sweethearts of Hollywood. Some of her films have included: Dangerous Years, Love Nest, Monkey Business and Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Elvis Presley

Aside from being a musical giant, Elvis Presley also made a number of films and is one of the most favorite of entertainment Hollywood legends. He is known as "The King of Rock and Roll" or simply, "The King." The bulk of Presley's movies were made in the 1960's, making 31 in all. Some of the more popular movies included: Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, Loving You, GI Blues, and Blue Hawaii.

Cary Grant

Born in 1904 in England, Cary Grant has been nominated for 2 Oscars. He has had another 14 wins and 11 other nominations for his work in such movies as That Touch of Mink, The Grass is Greener, Father Goose, and None but the Lonely Heart. He is also known as Mr. Cary Grant and Archibald Leach.

John Wayne

Also known as Michael Morris and Duke Morris, John Wayne was born in 1907 and is on the American Film Institute's list of Greatest Male Stars of All Time. He began acting in silent movies in the 1920's, but his peak as an actor occurred between the 1940's and 1970's. His most identifying film genre is the western, however he was a diverse actor who also starred in romantic comedies, dramas, and biographies.

Audrey Hepburn

This famous film actress was born in 1929, and was ranked the third all-time greatest female star by The American Film Institute. She is not only known for as being one of the greatest entertainment Hollywood legends, but was also a highly acclaimed humanitarian. She served as a Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef, and was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She starred in such films as Roman Holiday, War and Peace and Sabrina.

Alfred Hitchcock

Known as one of the greatest thriller directors of all time, he was born in London in 1899. His plots used many mistaken identity themes and he also made cameo appearances in most of his films. He often used blond haired leading ladies, and fashioned plot points around bathrooms. Some of his most famous films were Shadow of Doubt, Dial M for Murder, and Psycho, truly one of the greatest entertainment Hollywood legends.

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Hot Hollywood Actress Celeste Thorson Shines Like A Star

Actress Celeste Thorson stepped into the spotlight when she began appearing in television commercial advertisements for companies like Reebok, Lady Footlocker, Sprint, and Samsung. She beat out thousands of girls when she won the role of the sexy action star on "Destination X" and filmed in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. She starred in two seasons packed with all types of extreme adventures. In one episode Celeste jumped out of an airplane over the pacific ocean at fourteen thousand feet. In another episode she filmed underwater while scuba diving and swimming with sharks. That is also when she started writing for thirteen episodes of "Destination X Hawaii" and "Destination X California."

Celeste starred in the film, "Room Nine" that literally exploded on the big screen for the Hollywood Film Festival. She played a clever girl on the run who sets her truck on fire taking nothing but a mysterious suitcase. Her sexy television appearance on the hit prime time series "How I Met Your Mother" left audiences wanting more. She showed off more comedy on the late night funny show "Jimmy Kimmel Live." She went from a Bartender in "Still Breathing" to Rocker Jill in "Satin." Few people know that Celeste had an appearance in the Rolling Stones "Rain Fall Down" music video. While pursuing her film and television career Celeste Thorson joined "The Industry" as a writer and producer for thirteen episodes during the first season. Thorson originally wanted to become a political activist and philanthropist. As a teen she worked for notable charities like Save the Children and Sierra Club. She still promotes environmental and human rights causes over the internet.

Actress Katie Holmes's Brush With Fire Safety

The life of a Hollywood actress isn't all champagne parties and award ceremonies; they also have to put in some hard work too. All those salon sessions and shopping trips with professional stylists take their toll on you, or so I hear. But without all the glitz and glamour they would not win roles in big film productions around the world.

Now this is where the trouble comes in. Film sets can be just as dangerous as any other work environment. Especially from a fire risk perspective. In fact there are a lot of hazards on location. For one thing think about all the complex electrical equipment. Cameras, monitors, computers. The list is endless. Then there are the lights. Make no mistake, studio lights can get hot. Really hot. Touch one and you will burn your skin off in a very bad way.

Now add to this the special effects equipment and you can see how accidents can happen.

Whilst filming in Australia on 'Don't be Afraid Of The Dark' Katie Holmes was in a car on set that caught fire. During filming of the sequence the car battery exploded and set the vehicle ablaze. The engine started to spark and smoke fumes came out as the car then began to burn.

Luckily Katie managed to escape although she was reported as being a little shaken up. A source on the film was quoted as saying Katie has filmed scenes since but it has made her think about her safety on set. She will be shooting the same scene at a later date."

Well, big film companies do take safety seriously. Especially in Hollywood with all the legal actions and insurances required.

The types of fire safety equipment often deployed whilst filming includes the CO2 fire extinguisher. Often in 2kg and 5kg sizes so as to effectively tackle any fire that may occur.

The CO2 extinguisher is perfect as it is designed to be safe to use on electrical equipment without damaging it any further. It's worth remembering that a film camera could be worth in excess of US$200,000 so using a powder extinguisher is not an option. You don't want the powder getting inside and destroying the unit. That's an expensive fire.

Another type of extinguisher to consider is the automatic kind. They used to be filled with Halon but now come in FE-36 which is much better for the environment. These extinguishers can be placed inside a car engine and will only go off when a fire starts.

They have a temperature sensitive bulb that breaks at a certain heat and then flood the area with the FE-36 gas. This acts in the same way as CO2 by dispersing and replacing the oxygen, thus starving the fire source and putting it out.

The usual use for them is in engine compartments and computer server racks.

How to Become an Actress

Growing up idolizing the celebrities on your TV screen could give you a hankering to become an actress. Not to fear, if you have no experience; you can still get into the industry. If you have some experience, all the better, because you are closer to achieving your Hollywood dream. All these tips on how to become an actress can be utilized whether you have some or no experience or if you have dabbled in acting before.

The first thing you should do is enroll yourself in a reputable acting studio. This should be able to teach you the basics of acting or fine-tune your technique if you already have some acting experience. Make sure you have done some research on the acting studios in your area, and find out if they have produced any major talent you could recognize.

The second thing you should do is attend auditions religiously. Be prepared to face rejection though. The key is not to take it personally. In fact, after being rejected, you should try to find out from the casting agents what it is about you that did not help you get the part. Arming yourself with this information will help you remedy the problem. Take all criticism positively as it can help you in becoming a better actress.

Go have a portfolio done of yourself at a professional photo studio. This will give you some headshots that you can leave with casting agents. If you have the headshots done professionally, they will flatter you immensely. Thus, when you leave them with the casting agents, they have a better chance of remembering you. This could be vital in case one of their actors drop out or any other eventuality where they may need to recast.

Make sure you exercise and eat a balanced, nourishing diet. Being an actress entails a lot of cameras and flashing lights. The glare of the lights of stardom is not kind to unhealthy skin. Remember being an actress is all about your image, so take it very seriously.

Take advantage of all the social network sites. Put up pictures of yourself and even post videos of you re-enacting some scenes from popular movies. The more people who visit your site, the higher your chances of being discovered. You never know; you could end up being the next internet sensation.

If you can afford it, get an agent. An agent's main task is to promote you. This way, you can concentrate on becoming a brilliant actress while they spend their hours trying to book you acting jobs and spreading the word about your talent. A good agent should also have many contacts in the industry. Thus they should be able to take you to functions where you can network with producers and directors. The more you network, the higher your chances a director or producer will remember you when they are working on their next project.

Always remember to be friendly and approachable. When you have made you name in the industry is when you can afford to start throwing tantrums and becoming a diva.

Famous Hollywood Actress Exposes Horror of Breast Implant Complications

At a 35th birthday party for rapper P. Diddy in November of 2004, actress Tara Reid exposed more than just a left mammary; she exposed the truth about breast implant complications and the horrifying effect that breast augmentation surgery can have on a woman's body. While she posed on the red carpet for photographers, the top of Reid's dress fell, exposing her left breast and what looked like a completely reconstructed nipple.

The actress, evidently mortified as photographers snapped pictures, fell prey to the all-too common complications associated with breast implant surgery. But, this wasn't even the first time that Tara Reid's breasts became water cooler fodder.

Shortly after filming American Pie, the world noticed as her breasts grew from a measly A-cup to D-size overnight. It became immediately apparent to all of America that the actress underwent major breast implant surgery at the very young age of 18.

At the time, no one realized the extent of the actress' battle with her breast implants, probably due to some hard PR work on behalf of the actress. But, in 2004 as Reid and her augmented breast strolled down the red carpet on the way to Diddy's 35th birthday bash, no amount of PR could hide the fact that the actress suffered from some horrific complications associated with her breast implants.

Every year in this country, thousands upon thousands of women undergo some type of breast enhancement surgery, but thousands also have their breast implants removed due to associated complications that most commonly include breast implant rupture or shifting, to more serious complications such as chronic infection of the breast, in some cases leading to breast cancer.

Luckily for the women who choose surgical methods of breast augmentation, no paparazzi follow them around, waiting patiently for a breast to slip and expose their secret breast implant complications. If America could feel the pain that everyday women experience for larger breasts on a regular basis, it would certainly result in a sharp decline in the number of breast implants performed by plastic surgeons each year, especially for women who decide to go under the knife at such a young age as actress Tara Reid.

Fortunately today's woman can choose from a veritable buffet of breast enhancement options. No longer do women need to suffer the horrific complications associated with breast implants in order to achieve the larger breasts that they desire. In today's market, there are other safer, all-natural breast enhancement alternatives for a woman looking to increase the size of her breasts.

These options boast safety for any woman, in an over-the-counter alternative, with none of the side effects or complications involved with breast implant surgery, and a fraction of the cost associated with breast enlargement surgery.

As for Tara Reid, reporters now argue that the actress actually has the ugliest breasts in the world. But, it's pretty apparent that the complications that the actress suffered due to her breast implants are more common than women want to admit.

Fortunately, many women can look in the mirror happily and appreciate their natural breasts, and others who aren't as happy with the way they look, choose safer, more natural breast enhancement methods of increasing their breast size.

Hollywood All Actress

Every little child dreams of becoming an actress at least once in her childhood. For some it is just a passing fancy, for others it is a bit more serious. Out of the thousands that are serious about taking it up as a profession, only a few make it big in the film industries across the world, most do not and have to lead their life doing either theater or low grade movies. Even those that make it big in the industry have to struggle a lot during the starting years. All have to wait for that one big break, that one hit movie that can propel them to stardom. Till that movie comes across it is struggle for everyone.

There are acting schools which teach the art of acting as far as the industry is concerned talent has very little to do with making it big in most cases. However one thing that is sure is that once you make it in the industry, there is no stopping you. Hollywood actresses truly live the life of a queen, the one that everyone dreams of in the childhood. There is work but apart from that, there are also parties to attend, promotions and public functions to visit and also there a lot of autographs to be signed. There is a lot of glamour to the job.

Not far behind is the Indian film industry. A Bollywood actress too has a very glamorous job. Now that the Indian film industry is going global, there is lot more international stardom to Bollywood actresses. Bollywood actresses are also being signed for international movies. India is a country that makes the largest number of movies each year. Apart from Bollywood there are also a lot of vernacular film industries. For example there is the tamil film industry in the state of Tamil Nadu. A tamil actress enjoys stardom but at a local level. She is a star in her own state. There are many actresses who are not successful in Bollywood. They switch over to the tamil film industry.

The level of exposure is different for actresses of the different industries. However all the people that know an actress idolize her! It is important for an actress to maintain a certain standard of public life for people to follow. The media plays a very important role in the life of any actress. Since every aspect of stardom is dependent on being popular with the people, the media can make life great for an actress or in some cases make it scandalous. It is therefore important to take care what she does and how she makes her moves when she is in front of public eyes.