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Entertainment Hollywood Legends - Great Movie Stars of All Time

Since the dawn of film making, Hollywood has been producing legends. These legends, whether they are actors, actresses, or directors are responsible for taking the community at large and transporting them for two hours into a world that is unlike any they have known. Entertainment is a necessary commodity in today's world as it is becoming more and more necessary to step out of our own stress-filled lives for a while and envelope ourselves in the usually brighter, more dazzling world of entertainment Hollywood legends.

Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane Baker, Marilyn Monroe is probably the most recognizable female Hollywood icon on the planet. She spent a lot of time in orphanages and foster homes until 1937 when she was 11 years old. Originally typecast as a dumb blond, her innate sensuality coupled with a childlike innocence has rendered her one of the sweethearts of Hollywood. Some of her films have included: Dangerous Years, Love Nest, Monkey Business and Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Elvis Presley

Aside from being a musical giant, Elvis Presley also made a number of films and is one of the most favorite of entertainment Hollywood legends. He is known as "The King of Rock and Roll" or simply, "The King." The bulk of Presley's movies were made in the 1960's, making 31 in all. Some of the more popular movies included: Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, Loving You, GI Blues, and Blue Hawaii.

Cary Grant

Born in 1904 in England, Cary Grant has been nominated for 2 Oscars. He has had another 14 wins and 11 other nominations for his work in such movies as That Touch of Mink, The Grass is Greener, Father Goose, and None but the Lonely Heart. He is also known as Mr. Cary Grant and Archibald Leach.

John Wayne

Also known as Michael Morris and Duke Morris, John Wayne was born in 1907 and is on the American Film Institute's list of Greatest Male Stars of All Time. He began acting in silent movies in the 1920's, but his peak as an actor occurred between the 1940's and 1970's. His most identifying film genre is the western, however he was a diverse actor who also starred in romantic comedies, dramas, and biographies.

Audrey Hepburn

This famous film actress was born in 1929, and was ranked the third all-time greatest female star by The American Film Institute. She is not only known for as being one of the greatest entertainment Hollywood legends, but was also a highly acclaimed humanitarian. She served as a Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef, and was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She starred in such films as Roman Holiday, War and Peace and Sabrina.

Alfred Hitchcock

Known as one of the greatest thriller directors of all time, he was born in London in 1899. His plots used many mistaken identity themes and he also made cameo appearances in most of his films. He often used blond haired leading ladies, and fashioned plot points around bathrooms. Some of his most famous films were Shadow of Doubt, Dial M for Murder, and Psycho, truly one of the greatest entertainment Hollywood legends.

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